Alex Braddock

2D & 3D animation, Motion graphics, Visual effects, compositing, editing, color, music...if it has to do with post-production I can get it done and make it look/sound great!

Song - Philly by Museyroom

Project Timecodes:
0:07 2D and 3D Animation, design. Cloth sim, texturing, animation, rendering.
0:10 Camera tracking, 2D animation, roto, design
0:19 Animation, rendering, compositing
0:25 Everything (Animation, TFD sim, photography, compositing)
0:26 Everything (modeling, animation, rendering)
0:29 Camera projection, design, compositing, animation, tracking
0:34 Everything (Modeling, texturing, rendering, TFD sim, X-particles)
0:39 Camera tracking, compositing, coloring, animation
0:42 Animation, 2d character animation, compositing, distortion
0:49 particles, 2.5d animation
0:50a 3d animation, compositing
0:50b Editing, animation
0:51 texturing, rendering, animation, compositing
0:52a 2d character animation, 2d animation.
0:52b 3d character animation, 2.5d animation, compositing, animation, modeling
0:53 3d Animation, texturing, rendering, compositing, design, modeling
0:54 Photography, animation, design