I have over a decade of experience in animation, design, concert and video production. Over my career, I've lent my keen design eye to commercials, films, TV shows, and more. My highly technical animation skills have been showcased live at the 2015 Emmy Awards, the One Direction final performance on X-Factor, and many other concerts. I also worked as the Lead 2D/3D Animator on Adult Swim’s hyper-surreal show Dream Corp. LLC, where I created dreamscapes, VFX, and visually-striking shots that broke the mold of just about every other animated show before it.

I'm never afraid to tackle any direction or brief, but I'm also more than comfortable with taking control of the creative and running with it. When I'm not doing client work, I'm creating music videos, animation shorts or quick R&D pieces - anything that lets me flex new technology and new creative styles.

I am available for Direction, Design, and Animation/VFX

My software expertise: Cinema4D, X-Particles, Houdini, After Effects, Z Brush and Photoshop

I'm well-versed in 3rd-party render engines, such as Redshift and Octane.

I've also worked in VR design and animation, Machine Learning implementation, and live concert visuals.

Some past clients/jobs include Elastic, Adult Swim, Beats, Converse, Google, Instagram, Katy Perry,  Stevie Nix, Flume, NBC, and more.

email: contact@alexbraddock.com